Celebrating Over 50 years of business.

Founded by the late Alwyn Williams who quickly made a name for himself cutting and styling ladies and gents hair following the war his daughters following in his footsteps and  the salon moved to Llanrug in 1966. 

  Elaine has dedicated the past 40 years to her clients and has experienced the trend changes through the decades. Weekly shampoo and set's of the 60's ( and still has today!!), the 70's was all about the perm and the 80's was the era of BiG hair. The 90's saw colour go through the roof and with the advances in technology and continuous training we have travelled through the decades attracting clients from near and far.

The idea of family isn't limited to blood relations, our team through the past 50 years have played much part in our success, and with the 3rd generation expanding in to the world of beauty the next 50 years are set to be just as exciting, with our ultimate focus being on innovative technologies and first class customer care.

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