(Perform Vitalite)

~~Offer a new start to your skin, to bounce back with beauty and radiance. Even when life is chaotic!
 Perform Lift Vitality is specially developed to revitalise suffocated skin, oxygen-depleted skin that has lost its elasticity, radiance and comfort: excessive smoking, sun, extreme dieting or in women experiencing significant drops in their hormone levels.
 Its droplets of plant oils deliver richness and comfort to skin that has lost its vitality.
 Its pearls capture the light and give new radiance to the skin.
 A divine fragrance which envelops us with floral rose and amber notes.

 What's to love about it? A shape memory oil texture, which matches the contours of the face perfectly and lifts the features on application. A texture which makes you come back again and again – totally addictive!

Perform Vitalite:

Perform Vitalite:
01286 672 023
Station Road, Llanrug, Caernarfon, Caernarfon, LL55 4AG