PAYOT is a cosmetic brand with an international reputation, born in the 1920 from the extrodinary vision of one woman: Nadia PAYOT. Ahead of her time she became one of the first femail doctors and demonstrated her comitment to the skin care industry very early in her career. She used her medical, scientific and herbal experience to develope her skin care range. Understanding the importance to preserve the skins beauty and youth she developed and introduced a facial excersise whiche were the source of the 42 movement massage performed in all her treatments today.
Dedicated exclusivly to skincare, PAYOT will support you skin from one generation to the next, at every stage in your life, a uneque experience that offers pure luxurey in salon and at home.



L'authentique (45 minutes)
The iconic PAYOT treatment created by the brand's founder Dr. Nadia Payot, the 42 steps signature tratment, stimulates the skin’s vital functions.  A combination of unique movements and legendary expertise, the treatment includes 42 individual steps that stimulate the respiratory, muscular, lymphatic, vascular, and cutaneous systems. Balancing, dynamic, extensive, rhythmic, and varying, the 42 steps signature treatment is like choreography performed on the face by the hands, creating a relaxing and destressing experience 
 Les Essentiels Beauté (60 minutes)
Meet all of your skin's essential needs.
  •  Éclat Essentiel, an energising skin-brightening treatment for dull skin? Hydratation Essentielle, an intense cocooning hydration treatment that plumps up dehydrated skin
  •  Nutrition Essentielle, a highly nourishing cocooning treatment for dry skin
  •  Pureté Essentielle, a purifying treatment for clearing up problem skin
  •  Douceur Essentielle, an intense soothing anti-redness treatment for reactive skin types
  •  Optimale Essentiel, customisable treatment for men
  •  Flash Nettoyant, an express detox cleansing treatment for all skin types - 45 mins
  •  Flash Hydratant, an express quenching treatment for all skin types - 45 mins
Les Absolus Beauté (75 minutes)
From even skin and anti-wrinkle effects to firming, the Les Absolus Beauté treatments preserve natural beauty. The treatment corrects and prolongs the skin’s natural beauty:
  •  Liss Absolu, an anti-wrinkle rejuvenating peel that acts on wrinkles and fine lines
  •  Lift Absolu, an anti-ageing firming treatment that acts on loss of skin elasticity
Le Supreme (90 minutes)
A  total anti-ageing treatment that works on all signs of ageing: wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity, dullness, and age spots. Several treatments involved in this comprehensive programme using the Suprême procedure: targeted bead exfoliation, the famous 42-step massage, a silver pigment mask — everything’s covered in this exceptional experience.

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