Hair Treatments

Your hair is as unique as your fingerprint.

Therefore we tailor each treatment to our clients individual hair and scalp needs to make sure we only get the very best for their hair and scalp.

 Through extensive training and knowledge, our team will diagnose a prescription for you to ensure the results of the treatment are truly individualized and effective to your concerns, as well as combining treatments and educating our guests on the benefits of  our extensive service menu.

Wellaplex Bond Builder

The new technology of wellaplex will give you colour without compromising the condition, by reconstructing the inner hair bonds. It works in three steps to help create bonds within the hair during lightening or colour services. Stabilizer further strengthens the bonds, re balances the ph levels of hair strands and strengthens the hair structure. Finally, the no3 hair stabilizer is to use once a week following a wellaplex service, to keep coloured locks feeling soft, smooth and strong until the next wellaplex treatment.

In colour treatment From £15

Stand Alone treatment From £20

System Professional Deluxe Treatment

Our unique 4-step treatment fuses two product benefits into one personalised care experience. The intense treatment includes a relaxing massage which ensures that the ingredients penetrate deeply, whilst simultaneously stimulating the scalp and relieving daily tensions.

From £15

Energy Boost Blow Dry

This express finishing treatment provides extra strength and elasticity and is the ideal preparation for a lasting blow-dry, that takes no more of your time. Hair appears soft and silky to the touch with incredible shine bounce and energy. Combined with any other treatment offering for a long lasting finish.

From £5.00

Reconstructive booster

A lightweigh mousse that reconstructs and reinforces the hair fiber for up to 5 washes. The advanced molecular hair refilling formula, with essential amino acids, deeply reconstructs fragile and sensitised hair from the inside out. This improves look, feel and resilience, without over loading, for an instant transformation that lasts.

From £3.00

Nioxin - Scalp Revitaliser

Increasing cellular renewal of the scalp with a natural dermabrasion works the same way microdermabrasion works for the face. Sloughing off dead, flaky skin allows younger skin cells to surface. Younger cells are fresher, clearer and healthier. For the scalp this means a healthier environment for new hair growth. The dermabrasion treatment helps to regenerate and revitalise scalp skin through exfoliation. This helps to remove the build-up around hair follicles and accelerate skin surface regeneration by up to 34% compared to untreated skin. The service is performed in-salon by a qualified Nioxin professional, and is recommended every 4-6 weeks.

From £12.00

Hair & Scalp Consultation

This incredible consultation tool allows our stylists to properly assess your hair and scalp by magnifying them both up to x200. The Nioscope capture the images of your scalp allowing to diagnose the needs of your scalp and allows you to compare the health and progress of your hair and scalp the next time you're in the salon.

All our consultations are complimentary and no commitment so if you'd like a personalised prescriptive consultation with one of our hair experts.

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